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Everything you
need to know
about shoe trees

The shoe tree is more than an accessory – it is a must. Using shoe trees means you will be able to keep your shoes for a lifetime: they will develop a beautiful patina with time, but without aging.


Without any question, you must choose wooden shoe trees made of beech or cedar, woods that absorb moisture from your shoes and ensure the perfect preservation of the shoes’ shape. Develop the firm habit of inserting shoe trees as soon as you take off your shoes: they help reshape the leather to its original condition, magically relaxing and releasing the wear creases that form as you walk.


It is a challenge faced by all elegant globetrotters and businessmen: wooden shoe trees add weight and take up space, especially in a 48-hour suitcase. To travel light, you can replace them with moulded plastic travel shoe trees, which will do the job for a few days. You can ask for them in all Berluti stores – your sales advisor will be happy to provide them at no charge. Of course, should you forget your shoe trees when packing for a trip, you can always stuff your shoes with crumpled newspaper, but are you really that absentminded?


All our shoe trees are designed specifically for each shoe, such as Démesures, Capri and Galet, all named according to the last upon your shoes were created. These shoe trees are crafted of beech wood and come in three colours – natural, green, or purple. They are provided free of charge with your shoes, primarily dress shoes. And, of course, for bespoke shoes, the shoe tree will also be made to measure, to the exact dimensions of your shoe and based on your foot’s shape, personalised in the colour of your choice, and engraved with your initials. Luxury, indeed.

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