The art of
being unique

Expressing unique personalities is an art – refined by Berluti, decade after decade. Whether you choose to give a personal touch to a shoe from our collection or to create a fully bespoke object, the possibilities are endless.



Colouring your leather is a unique way of bringing it to life. The protective patinas are created and applied by hand on leather objects like shoes, bags, belts and accessories. Since there is over forty shades in the selection, the patina is a perfect opportunity to express who you are. And if you change, the patina can be changed too.
hot stamp

Hot Stamp


Your initials are the brand of your personality. Signing them on your leather object is a graceful way of making it your own. This personal touch can be applied to everything from wallets, belts and shoes to business portfolios and luggages.


make a style statement

Following years of research, in 2003 Olga Berluti perfected a technique for tattooing leather. An artisanal process of great precision, tattoos are created with a needle and pigments, point by point, by a specialised tattoo artist, inked directly on Berluti’s emblematic Venezia leather.
special order

Special Order

Free your imagination

An Andy loafer in ostrich leather or an alligator skin belt with a solid-gold buckle. Anything and everything is possible in a Special Order. Choose an article from the collections and personalise it with exclusive patinas, exotic leathers, special soles and added features – as long as you can imagine it, Berluti can bring it to life.

bespoke shoemaking

When bespoke shoes are created, you are the starting point. It doesn’t begin with a shoe model to adapt, it begins with a blank page. And the result is a blend of absolute comfort and unique expression.

bespoke tailoring

The master shoemaker and the tailor are both from the same world, the world of craftsmanship. Just like a bespoke shoe, it takes an expert eye to recognise a tailored garment at first glance. But the man who wears it, he knows. It was made for him and him alone. Bespoke suits are our most popular order, but any garment can be created in the Berluti workshop.