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Our goal towards our customers



We want everyone who visits the Berluti website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.


What is digital accessibility?


Digital accessibility is a whole set of graphic, wireframe, technical and editorial good practices, which ensure that digital material (documents, websites, mobile apps, etc.) is perfectly accessible to all users with disabilities.

These good practices ensure, for instance, that web pages can be properly used:

  • With the keyboard only and without using the mouse;
  • With a screen reader (text-to-voice device and/or braille display);
  • With a customized display (change of color, text size, font, etc.);
  • Without sound (with subtitles, for instance);
  • This is a non exhaustive list

Accessibility is essential for a wide range of users who are color-blind, dyslexic or dispraxic, photosensitive, blind or visually impaired, deaf or hearing-impaired, who suffer from tremors or any motor disability that makes it difficult or even impossible for them to use a mouse or keyboard, etc.


What are we doing?



To make the Berluti website a positive place for everyone, we have been using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1). These international guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities and user friendly for everyone.


How are we doing?



Our goal is to comply with WCAG 2.1 Level AA, which we are almost compliant with.

Thus, the website:

  • is built on an accessible structure, with landmarks such as the banner, main menu, main content and footer regions clearly declared in the source code;
  • is now widely usable by keyboard-only users (or similar pointer devices users);
  • provides a "high contrast" mode in which the contrasts have been improved to make reading easier for everyone;
  • is usable even at high zoom levels;
  • offers several ways to browse content through a main menu, a global search engine and cross-links;
  • uses a strong and logical headings hierarchy in order to ease navigation with assistive technologies (such as text-to-speech devices);
  • makes it possible for users to stop any animated content;
  • provides accessible forms;
  • includes a mobile version of the interface;
  • associates text alternatives to buttons that appear as a visual symbol;
  • ensures that keyboard users cannot be trapped in a subset of content;
  • does not use color alone to distinguish the importance of a visual element;
  • uses standard HTML and WAI-ARIA attributes to describe the identity, operation, and state of user interface elements to assistive technologies;
  • does not function in a way that is prohibitive to users with cognitive or learning impairments;
  • this is a non exhaustive list

Moreover, we make sure to take into account digital accessibility on an ungoing basis.




Let us know what you think



Offering a fully accessible website is important to us. Please, let us know of any difficulty you may encounter visiting our website: email us at contact@berluti.com.




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