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Cyrus Scritto Leather Slipper, TABACCO, hi-res
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Shoes Size Guide
Cyrus Scritto Leather Slipper
Price Included Tax
  • Model available in sizes 5 to 12
Berluti Size French Size Italian Size US Size Japan Size Korean Size
5 39 38 6 24.5 240
5.5 39.5 38.5 6.5 24.5/25.0 245
6 40 39 7 25.0 250
6.5 40.5 39.5 7,5 25.5 255
7 41 40 8 25.5/26.0 260
7,5 41.5 40.5 8,5 26.0 265
8 42 41 9 26.5 270
8,5 42.5 41.5 9,5 27.0 275
9 43 42 10 27.0/27.5 280
9,5 43.5 42.5 10,5 27.5 285
10 44 43 11 28.0 290
10,5 44.5 43.5 11,5 28.5 295
11 45 44 12 29.0 300
11,5 45.5 44.5 12,5 29.5 305
12 46 45 13 30.0 310
12,5 46.5 45.5 13,5 30.5 315
13 47 46 14 31.0 320
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Berluti has exercised creativity and flexibility to meet the needs of its customers since 1895. An essential ally in fitting rooms, the Cyrus slip-on is now ready to walk out the door of our stores and take up its rightful place in the closets of our customers. It has also gained a rubber sole to ensure greater wearing comfort, both indoors and outdoors.

Cyrus Scritto Leather Slipper
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  • Slipper
  • Incollato construction
  • Upper wrapping the foot
  • Venezia Scritto
  • Rubber outsole with welt finishing
Construction : Incollato
Permanent Collection
Made in Italy
Last : Oman
Reference : S3786-C6
Last : Oman
  • Model available in sizes 5 to 12
  • Vitello Amazon Calf Leather
  • Leather Sole
  • The care ritual for Amazon leather is identical to that recommended for Venezia: remove any dirt using a soft cloth, then apply a wax of the right colour for the shoes to feed, protect the leather. Finish by buffing energetically with the polishing glove to restore the leather to its full shine.

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