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Mastery of form


At Berluti the client doesn't have to choose between style and comfort. He has the right to demand it all. Because Berluti's shoemaking expertise has achieved such a state of perfection that the elegance and power of a form are naturally aligned with absolute comfort. 

When the moment comes to have a pair of bespoke shoes made, the client first chooses the form he desires. He may opt for oxfords, lace-up pumps, loafers or even a pair of boots. He is also free to choose a model with pointed, round or cap toes, with or without a projecting sole. If he likes slim, elegant shoes, he will select a model with a bevelled waist. If he's looking for a more imposing or all-terrain shoe, a pair with Norwegian welts is for him. But whatever he chooses, he will have the assurance that his shoes will be the finest.

The client will also have the absolute assurance that he will feel perfectly at ease in them.

That is the ultimate goal of the master shoemaker. When he takes the client's measurements, he has him place his feet on a sheet of paper on which he will note a considerable amount of information regarding their shape. He will take six to ten measurements for each foot. He will also indicate how the client's body weight is distributed, the symmetry of his feet and the points of support when standing still. This in-depth record of the feet will, of course, go hand-in-hand with a two-way dialogue with the client. How does he wear his shoes? Does he like to feel a close fit at the heel? Does he prefer a feeling of freedom at his instep? How does he tie his shoes? And what type of shoe does he usually wear?

To ensure the client's satisfaction the master shoemaker will take every detail into account. He will even ask the client if he frequently flies long distances. Because after a long-haul flight the feet always have a tendency to swell. And that also has to be considered when making a perfect pair of shoes. Comfortable and elegant.



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