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Legacy Shoemaker

A unique experience


Over a century of shoe fitting know-how and expertise serving Berluti customers, to ensure comfort and elegance at every step.

“It is more than chance that brings you into a Berluti store.”

Comfortably ensconced in a club chair in the try-on area, you already feel part of another world. First, your feet are meticulously examined from every angle. The sales consultant, fully trained in the shoemaker's art, gets an in-depth comprehension of your feet through touch and an expert eye. He knows exactly which models are best suited to their morphology. No need to even tell him your size. He then sets out a selection of shoes - no boxes, just shoes - as if straight from the Berluti workshop. Next, he gently guides your feet into a pair and ties the laces with a flat double knot. The Berluti knot.

The exceptional know-how of four Berluti generations enables the company to offer luxury ready-to-wear footwear in a variety of collections and precision sizing to suit the shape and size of virtually all feet. The techniques and expertise once reserved for bespoke shoes are carried over to the ready-to-wear collections. 

“Comfort is never compromised in the pursuit of elegance - the two principles are inextricably linked.”

In this regard, Berluti's reputation owes much to the Venezia leather specially developed by and for the company. This leather is the result of years of research and its formula is a jealously guarded secret. One of the features of this unique leather is the depth and transparency of its patina. Perfected and nurtured by Berluti, it introduced color into a world of men's footwear largely confined to black and brown, with bordeaux as the ultimate extravagance.


Thanks to these distinctive features and finely-honed details, finding your ideal shoe at Berluti is a unique experience.


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