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Legacy shoemaker

An exceptional leather


Berluti doesn't follow fashions, it sets them. In the 1980s, when virtually all men's shoes were black, brown or bordeaux for the most extravagant, the House opted for color and developed the fine art of patinated leather.

Produced by hand by expert colorists and replete with essential oils, the patinas, with evocative names like "cocoa", "autumn leaf", "smoky gray black", and the more recent "Saint Emilion", give shoes a distinctive color rich with life and character.

Discreet or extravagant, sober or flamboyant, this patina makes each pair of Berluti shoes unique, in the image of the man who owns them. Because he is the one who chooses the final patina. Between the first and second patina, Berluti recommends that he wear his shoes for a few days so that the leather adapts to his feet and the folds as he walks. The colorists can then rework and shade the color according to the customer's wishes. In effect, the patina is modulated to suit the wearer's personality, the season, etc. 

“Produced according to a well-guarded and widely envied secret, the Berluti patina owes its success to the genius of Olga Berluti.”

Produced according to a well-guarded and widely envied secret, the Berluti patina owes its success to the genius of Olga Berluti. She is the one who created Venezia leather using a natural, mineral tanning process that gives the colors their characteristic transparency.

It is said that the influence of the moon on the depigmentation of leather is what gave Olga the idea for Venezia leather. More than 20 years later, her creation remains permanently associated with Berluti.

To preserve its radiance, a few rules apply.
In addition to not wearing them two days in a row to allow them to rest on wooden shoe trees, there is a care ritual that should be followed: begin by removing dirt and impurities with a soft cloth. Nourish and protect the leather with colorless wax and then polish with a shade slightly lighter than the color of the leather to ensure a perfect shine. A ritual that produces impeccable results, because it comes from Olga Berluti herself.  


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