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At Berluti, the patina is not solely an aesthetic choice, nor merely the product of our inimitable savoir-faire. It is also the symbol of our desire to give our shoes a life of their own. With the passing of days and years, with wind and weather, as your shoes traverse the pavements of time, the patina evolves. It lightens, becomes more distinctive. As it changes, it increasingly comes to resemble its wearer, our customer. Never is a patina is frozen in time.

To illustrate this concept, we have called upon American artist Tobias Tovera. Based in San Francisco, this creator captures, through paintings or installations, time’s impact on materials. Tobias observes this deterioration or beautification and then recreates that evolution. In a series of works entitled “Diffusions of Pigment”, he explores colours and their transformations.

Beginning in September, many of these works will be featured in the display windows of Berluti stores. Which means that, now more than ever, the patina will be honoured as an art in and of itself.


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