Perfect parka


When we think of the parka, the famous "M-65" immediately springs to mind. This jacket, part of the American G.I. uniform during the Vietnam War, later became a protest symbol during the pacifist marches, a way of desecrating the uniform held in such high esteem by the politicians of the day.

It was worn, too, by the key activists of the Rock 'n' Roll world of the Sixties and Seventies, including Bob Dylan, and then by the Mods, sources of inspiration for this collection. A parka interpreted in several versions by Artistic Director Haider Ackermann for the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.

This parka is bristling with military details, aesthetically reborn in the hands of Haider Ackermann. The snap-close patch pockets, button plackets, pocket contours and drawstring openings are trimmed in leather. The buffalo-horn buttons bear the Berluti logo. The completely removable lining is a denim-like grey-blue, a colour that coordinates handsomely with the khaki. The very high collar creates a striking line, and an inner wire that lets you shape the hood for a parka that is the epitome of casual chic. The ideal jacket for everyday protection, yet stylish enough to wear over a suit. Available in wool or a wool-silk blend, both water-repellent, naturally. It is also available in a suppler, more technical material, waterproofed satin twill, in khaki or strawberry pink for those with singular sartorial style. To ward off the elements with perfect elegance!
A shorter, unlined, more casual version of perfect proportions: the nylon hood tucks away into the collar, quickly accessed via a simple metal zipper. The jacket closes easily with a zipper, as well as with Velcro. Here, too, the buffalo-horn buttons and leather detailing make all the difference.