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A century-old history, artisanal craftsmanship and creativity that is constantly renewed: Berluti bespoke shoes are the quintessence of the House.

How it all begins

At Berluti, the client is at the heart of all we create. His unique allure, absolute comfort and vision of elegance drive the design and the creation of our infinitely customizable footwear. Here, everything begins with an encounter. In one of the private salons of the House, in Paris or in one of the many boutiques around the world, it all starts with a conversation between two people with a mutual passion for the craft. The master shoemaker is there to listen to the customer's wishes, to understand his habits and tastes, and also to share vast know-how, to dialogue and make suggestions. The kind of fit, the soles, the linings and patina; Venezia leather or a more exotic skin; tattooing…. Every option is explored to define a unique pair of shoes. While house’s signature Venezia leather is most often selected for its splendid patinas, for custom-made items a wide array of exotic leathers is also available, including ostrich, alligator, shark, lizard or shagreen for a shoe, or for certain details on the upper. All of our rare and exotic leathers are selected with respect for the preservation of species.

Next, the measurement. Between six and ten measurements are necessary to fully understand the morphology, volume, width and weight-bearing points of the client’s foot.

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