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Learn to tie
your shoes with
the Berluti knot

Do you know how to tie the Berluti shoelace knot?
The quintessence of sophistication! It was designer Olga Berluti who introduced the knot in the 1970s.

The family heiress took inspiration from another heir, a royal one, a faithful client of the Maison. The Duke of Windsor was famous for his escapades, elegance and for having popularised the renowned Windsor knot for ties. To tie his shoes, his grandmother, Alexandra of Denmark, taught him a double-loop knot that prevented his shoelaces from coming untied during military parades and official ceremonies.

learn to tie a knot

Since then, the Berluti knot, as infallible as it is simple, has been passed on from faithful knotter to faithful knotter, only coming undone when its owner has decided it should, by pulling the two laces simultaneously. Learn how to do it here, by watching this Berluti lacing lesson video.

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