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As everyone knows, a shoehorn is used to simplify the act of putting on your shoes.

It lets the heel to slide into the shoe without straining against the rear part, the counter. For if this component loses its stiffness, it no longer effectively maintains and supports the shoe as a whole, and the heel in particular.

A good shoehorn makes inserting the foot effortless. Not only do you save time, but you have the pleasure of starting the day properly shod and on the right foot. For what could be more disagreeable than a shoe that refuses to receive your foot when you are rushing to get out and face the day? That alone makes the shoehorn an indispensable accessory!

If you do not already own one, we recommend choosing a shoehorn made of leather or metal, which ensures a sturdy article that nevertheless offers a degree of flexibility. Also give thought to the length of your selection. A longer model lets you put on your shoes without having to bend over at all – an advantage if you suffer from joint pain. Superfluous, however, if you must still bend over to tie your shoes.

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