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Formula 1004 Leather Rolling Suitcase, NERO GRIGIO, hi-res
Formula 1004 Leather Rolling Suitcase, MOGANO, hi-res
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Formula 1004 Leather Rolling Suitcase, NERO GRIGIO, hi-res
Formula 1004 Leather Rolling Suitcase, MOGANO, hi-res
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Formula 1004 Leather Rolling Suitcase
Price Excluding Tax
  • Dimensions: 
Height: 55 cm
Width: 35 cm 
Thickness: 22 cm
Weight: 4.8 Kg
Berluti Size French Size Italian Size US Size Japan Size
5 38.5 37.5 6 24.5
5.5 39 38 6.5 24.5/25.0
6 39.5 38.5 7 25.0
6.5 40 39 7,5 25.5
7 40,5/41 39,5/40 8 25.5/26.0
7,5 41/41,5 40/40,5 8,5 26.0
8 42 41 9 26.5
8,5 42,5 41,5 9,5 27.0
9 43 42 10 27.0/27.5
9,5 43,5/44 42,5/43 10,5 27.5
10 44,5 43,5 11 28.0
10,5 45 44 11,5 28.5
11 45,5/46 44,5/45 12 29.0
11,5 46/46,5 45/45,5 12,5 29.5
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13 48,5 47,5 14 31.0
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In 2005, Berluti introduced the Venezia line, the Maison’s first collection of leather goods, with two iconic bags, the Deux Jours and the Trois Nuits. Season after season, the family continues to expand and offer new features. Soon, the Formula 1004 rolling luggage models came to stand with the Venezia line. You are the engine for this vehicle. Responsive, manoeuvrable, compact and roomy, the Formula 1004 is swift and sleek, devouring distance with its four wheels that smoothly absorb bumps and impacts. It tirelessly keeps pace with you, and you stay a step ahead of the rest. The specially designed outside strap means it can be combined with the Formula 1001, F007 or F088 bags.

Line : Venezia
Rolling bag
  • Dimensions: 
Height: 55 cm
Width: 35 cm 
Thickness: 22 cm
Weight: 4.8 Kg

  • Outer features : 

One zipped pocket, one flat pocket
One luggage tag, one padlock and one key pouch containing two keys
One ergonomic telescoping pull handle with two Eights
One initialled button to lock and unlock handle  One leather top handle
One leather side handle
Four moulded polyurethane wheels featuring Venezia leather pieces
Silent and stable with  excellent impact resistance
Double metal zipped closure

  • Inner features: 

Two zipped pockets
Garment securing system with two linking rings
One shoehorn compartment (shoehorn included)  One protective shoe bag
One zipped opening (access to handle mechanism)

Permanent Collection
Made in Italy
Line : Venezia
Reference : FORMULA_1004-V1

  • Venezia Calf Leather – Patinable
  • Black Scritto Nylon Lining
  • Venezia leather care begins with removing any dirt using a soft cloth, followed by a clear leather wax to nourish and protect the leather. Then rub vigorously with the polishing glove to restore the leather’s original lustre.
    • Free first patina

  • Free delivery in 3 to 4 working days to the address of your choice or in store
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  • Free Returns
  • Every order comes with our signature Berluti packaging
  • More information on our shipping & returns page or by phone +1 877 895 0006 from Monday to Saturday, until 1:00 pm (NY time)
  • Please note that, in accordance with the General Sales Conditions, some categories of products, such as personalised products, cannot be returned.

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