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Item No. 212903
£ 4,550
Price Including Taxes and Duties
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Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, ICE BROWN, hi-res
Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, DEEP ROTHKO, hi-res
Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, TDM INTENSO, hi-res
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Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, ICE BROWN, hi-res
Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, DEEP ROTHKO, hi-res
Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer, TDM INTENSO, hi-res
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Loafers Size Guide
Berluti 125th Anniversary Andy Penny Loafer
£ 4,550
Price Including Taxes and Duties
  • Model available in sizes 5 to 12,5
Berluti Size French Size Italian Size US Size Japan Size
5 38.5 37.5 6 24.5
5.5 39 38 6.5 24.5/25.0
6 39.5 38.5 7 25.0
6.5 40 39 7,5 25.5
7 40,5/41 39,5/40 8 25.5/26.0
7,5 41/41,5 40/40,5 8,5 26.0
8 42 41 9 26.5
8,5 42,5 41,5 9,5 27.0
9 43 42 10 27.0/27.5
9,5 43,5/44 42,5/43 10,5 27.5
10 44,5 43,5 11 28.0
10,5 45 44 11,5 28.5
11 45,5/46 44,5/45 12 29.0
11,5 46/46,5 45/45,5 12,5 29.5
12 47 46 13 30.0
12,5 47,5/48 46,5/47 13,5 30.5
13 48,5 47,5 14 31.0
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Berluti celebrates its 125th anniversary. On this occasion, the Maison associated to Monnaie de Paris to reinterpret the most emblematic loafer: Andy becomes an authentic penny loafer ornamented of a unique silver or gold coin stamped with the Berluti crest. This reinterpretation of the Andy loafer into a penny loafer is a tribute to English students who, in the early 20th century, used to keep a penny in the half moon cut out slot of the leather strip on the shoe’s upper, to use on pay phones. This collection of loafer is available in four different versions in limited edition, ornamented with gold or silver coins.

Last : Demesure
  • Model available in sizes 5 to 12,5

  • Solid gold penny for the Tdm Intenso model
  • Silver penny for the Ice brown, Deep Rothko & Deep Red model
  • Colors of rainbow
  • Two lateral hand stitches
  • Unlined upper
  • Padded insole for more comfort
  • New dedicated shoetree included with the crest
Construction : Blake
Winter 20
Made in Italy
Last : Demesure
Reference : S5225-V1

  • Venezia Calf Leather - Patinable
Leather sole
  • Venezia leather care begins with removing any dirt using a soft cloth, followed by the application of a wax of the right colour to nourish and protect the leather. Then rub vigorously with the polishing glove to shine it.
  • Free first patina

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